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Nobody is Inspired by the UN's Climate Change PSA Featuring a CGI Dinosaur

Did you hear? A new United Nations PSA just dropped and it totally solved climate change. Yup, climate change is officially over thanks to this mind-blowing PSA. The video features a CGI raptor with the voice of Jack Black. He walks into the UN General Assembly and gives world leaders a piece of his mind on the subject of climate change. He knows a thing or two about extinction because he's a dinosaur, get it? I'm sure a lot of people appreciate the effort, but the video has a lot of flaws. For
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PSA: Stop Asking This Question

Funny Tumblr post about someone still being single because of emotional baggage
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PSA For New Years!

Caption that reads, "Let's watch this video of fireworks I took last year! - Said no one ever" above a stock photo pic of people recording fireworks on their smartphones
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PSA To All Puppers

Caption that reads, "The pre-Thanksgiving talk" above a pic of a German shepherd giving his son a pep-talk, saying, "Look, when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, it's literally going to be raining food. People drop things, peas roll off plates, gravy drips, things happen. So stay alert!
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Picture of an old black man looking confused under the caption, "When someone is chewing with their mouth open and you're trying to figure out what barnyard animal raised them"
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Remember, Fellow Kids...

psa dab image - 8996507392
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reviews drugs psa Video - 83911169

Old Anti-Drug PSA's Are More Hilarious Than Serious When Looking Back

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psa parody Video - 82787585

Jon Batiste and Celebrity Friends Have Some Important Words to Share With White People in This PSA

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psa parody Video - 82541569

Let This Video Take You on an Emotional Roller Coaster Starting With a Weird Toy Commercial and Ending With a Sad PSA

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psa parenting Video children - 275719

Chelsea Handler's PSA is For All The Women That Don't Want to Have Children and How Great it is

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twitter list psa australia - 870661

The Internet Reacts to Graham, an Indestructible Humanoid Designed to Survive Car Crashes

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psa internet coffee prank Video - 246023

This Coffee Shop Prank Will Make You Feel Less Comfortable About Giving Out Your Information

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psa water Video vintage - 80824577

In This 1970s PSA About Water Safety, Water Is a Deadly Evil Force Who's Only Weakness Is "Sensible Children"

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Laundry Trolled

laundry psa prank - 8799726848
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Remember Kids...

image party psa Remember Kids
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cops psa hotline bling Video - 79657985

Cops in Nova Scotia Jump of the 'Hotline Bling' Bandwagon a Little Late to Share an Important Message

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