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Boss Refuses to Give Hardworking Employee a Promotion Because of Uncharacteristically Negative Performance Review

Stringing her along
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Manager Refuses to Promote Employee Because He's 'Too Good At What He's Doing Now'

Time to start applying
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'[They] already got his money': Twitter Reacts to Kid Rock's 'Protest' Against His Fave Beer Brand, Shooting Cases of Cans After the Company Supported a Trans Spokesperson

'[They] already got his money': Twitter Reacts to Kid Rock's 'Protest' Against Budweiser, Shooting Cases of Bud Light After the Company Supported Trans Spokesperson, Dylan Mulvaney

But he bought the beer... these folks don’t know what boycott means, do they?
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People Discuss How LinkedIn Is the Ultimate Self-Esteem Killer

He has how many MBAs??
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People Discuss artists, pop stars being forced to make TikToks, Halsey, TWitter, FKA Twigs, Charli XCX, Florence Welch

People Discuss How TikTok Has Poisoned the Music Industry

Social media may have its perks (staying in touch with friends, stalking exes ), but it can also be incredibly poisonous. Unfortunately, it's become nearly impossible to live a socials-free life, especially if you work in media or are a public figure, such as a musician or an actor. Agents and managers urge their clients to be “present” on apps like Instagram, TikTok, and (less-so) Twitter. But that just leads to being less present in the real world. If your job involves hours of practice, rehe…
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List of funny business cards, clever business cards, amusing business cards, work, sausage, photography.

20 Business Cards That Are Entirely Too Clever For Their Own Good

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Promoted Over the Corpse of His Boss!

promotion star wars Death funny - 7867873792

I Smell a Promotion!

alcohol beauty health promotion well done wine you had one job - 6571020544
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captain america future hilarious promotion - 5712245504
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Philosoraptor: Orders Came from His Higher-Up

Death fired job philosoraptor pope promotion - 5531804160
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hilarious knees promotion sexy times - 5494264576


george w bush hilarious pants promotion sexy times - 4818359296
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Business Cat: Scented Kitty Litter?

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The Sims: First day at a new job

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