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Crispy Pringles Memes For Anyone Who's Got The Munchies

But can they finally fix the dang can so it can fit adult hands?
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28 Memes And Tweets Designed For The Desperately Bored

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An Important Distinction

Caption that reads, "The plot thickens for seemingly no reason" above pics of a Pringles can that reads, "Bursting with more flavor* *than before"
Via Sevault


Funny meme about finishing pringles.
Via comradeoof

It's Really Sad

Drawing of a shark in the ocean looking sad with text that reads, "The saddest part of being a shark is never being able to experience the crispiness of a Pringle"
Via Kittyfishbones
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The Fun...Definitely Stops

Funny Pringles-like chip called Prongles.
Via clowncum
prank pringles food Video - 81817089

These People Got 'Pranked' by a Guy With a Constant Duck Face, but Hey, They Got Free Pringles

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So Thoughtful!

relationship goals do you like pringles
Via hwun
chips wtf list pringles - 675077

6 Pringles Flavors We Wish Weren't Real

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First World Problems hand hilarious pringles stuck - 5717641472
Created by brianhuang18

The her0in of Snack Foods

Via Drunken Cat Comics

Either Way Her Dress Is Delicious

funny pringles poorly dressed - 8404361216

Most Impressive, Most Delicious

chips awesome pringles funny - 8278586368

I Can't Stop!

pringles Cats - 8277033728

Delicious Attraction

platypus funny pringles - 8257522432
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