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Seventeen Niche Flower Memes For Amateur Florists

These are for the flower people!
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Good In Theory, Terrible In Practice

Caption that reads, "Expectation of hair behind ears" above a pic of Kendall Jenner next to caption that reads, "Reality" above a pic of Taylor Lautner with long hair tucked behind his ears looking dorky
Via sergeantangua

It's Tragic

Caption that reads, "Me in the photos I upload vs. me in photos I'm tagged in" above a pic of Rihanna looking attractive next to a terrible photo of her
Via FuMarvchu


Caption that reads, "There's a universe inside of you" above a photo of an x-ray of someone's lungs that looks like it has stars inside of it; someone comments below, "This is definitely tuberculosis"
Via FishMarshall

Just Give Up and Enjoy the View

give up stairs funny pretty - 8209077504
Created by Unknown

That's Dolores

pretty funny toad - 7956593408
Created by Mittens_the_Crime_Solving_Cat

What a Cutie

cute pretty funny toad - 7952055552
Created by Unknown

Just the Prettiest

darth maul star wars funny pretty - 7816568832
Created by Unknown


smart nice pretty - 7684726272
Created by icanhazzahalp

Compliments From Guys

guys relationships herpderp sir pretty dating - 7629082368
Created by Unknown


soldier frozen pretty - 6979727872
Created by Ginctm

Who Goes Fishing in Water Anymore?

facebook troll face ugly pretty - 6905161216
Created by Cmasta

Fishing for Complements

rage guy fishing table flip my mind is full of FUUUUU pretty - 6837543680
Created by Unknown


little shop of horrors marty pretty - 6752081920
Created by LittleWalken

I'm Going to Stay Away From This Lawn

lawn pretty sign - 6659467776
Via Reddit


mask pretty - 6553662208
Created by Teh_wb
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