The president. The head honcho, the big boss. The man in the high castle. Wherever or whoever it is, the president of anything is a striking figure. So lets joke a bit about them and bring them back down to Earth.


Funny meme about kids thinking that the George Washington was named Getty Images due to image credit.
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Funny memes and twitter tweets and reactions about letter to president trump from 9-year-old boy Dylan "Pickles."

Donald Trump's Letter From Pickle Draws Skepticism, Inspires Parodies

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Best President

Funny meme about how ahead of his time JFK was, quoted as saying the band the chainsmokers is overrated.
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tweets by a cartoon version of Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Farewell Speech and It's Even More Ridiculous Than We Could've Hoped For

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unpresidential tweets from president Trump

16 Times Donald Trump's Twitter Game Was Crazily Unpresidented

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twitter barrack obama president election 2016 reactions British UK funny politics - 1128453

British People Are Pleading for Obama to Move to the UK to Become the Prime Minister

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donald trump White house president photoshop battle - 1124357

The White House Will Be Going Through Some Changes and This Photoshop Battle Shows Many Possible Outcomes

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president barack obama election - 83376385

Interview of the Day: Samantha Bee has a Spooky Halloween Talk with the President

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presidential debate donald trump Hillary Clinton president politics - 83193345

Bad Lip Reading Just Took a Shot at the Presidential Debate, and Roasted Both the Candidates

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president barack obama Video win politics - 82694401

Finally Obama Gets Some Unnecessary Presidential Censorship For Us to Enjoy

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president facebook - 82530049

This Is What It Would Be Like If Your Facebook Friends Were President

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The Perfect Candidate

president dating - 8971984384
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Do I Have to Pick?

image president voting Do I Have to Pick?
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If the Internet Is Any Indication, That Will Not Work

image signs president If the Internet Is Any Indication, That Will Not Work
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russia president Putin - 80444161

Putin Hip-Hop Piano

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Bat Signal

russia president Putin - 8090492160
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