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Women Find Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents Hidden In Late Grandfather’s Attic

One last gift
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Guy Gets Girlfriend Identical Gift To Last Christmas, Realizes He’s Not Alone

Bonus points for imagination
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Women Put Their Foot Down Over Disappointing Gift Idea

So thoughtful...
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funny meme about britney spears using gift bags instead of wrapping presents | sincere respect and admiration to anyone especially one with unlimited resources who says screw it, shove it all in gift bags
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Redditors / reddit share WTF gifts they've received, holidays, gift-giving

Bewildered Redditors Share The Most WTF Gifts They've Ever Received

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Funny meme that reads, "Weather drops 2 degrees" above an image of a Michael Buble Christmas album and someone drinking hot chocolate
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fake products

18 Totally Fake And Bizarre Products That We Desperately Wish Were Real

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Eh, F*ck It

Caption that reads, "Wrapping Christmas presents: beginning of the roll vs. end of the roll" above a pic of a neatly wrapped present next to a pic of a present wrapped scantily with wrapping paper
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17 Christmas Memes To Kick Off The Holiday Season Right

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I Ain't Got No Money

Caption that reads, "When your friend asks if you're gonna get them a gift for Christmas" above a pic of someone putting a bow on a chihuahua with text overlay that reads, "I am the gift"
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Pure Ecstasy

Funny meme about when your scissors start to glide through the wrapping paper while you are wrapping gifts.
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Life Hack

Funny meme about using gift cards to buy presents.
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Nothing Explains the Stress of Christmas Shopping Better Than These Gifs

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It Shows Thought

presents web comics - 8760987136
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How To Pick A Birthday Present

kids presents web comics - 8760776960
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Best Way to Get a Lot of Presents

web comics christmas Best Way to Get a Lot of Presents
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