So Close to Being Good Friends, but Then...

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Okay... Great Prank?

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Great for Pranks. You're Welcome.

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This Prank is Too Corny

image prank puns This Prank is Too Corny
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An Angry Dad Has to Activate His Dad Reflexes When His Son Keeps Throwing Eggs at Him

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Apparently It's a Prank to Just Make People Uncomfortable Now

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What a Classic Prank!

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This Dad Regrets Ever Buying His Kid a Nerf Gun

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People Are Reluctant to Give up Their Watches to This Guy Walking Around With a Metal Detector

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Youtube "Pranks" in a Nutshell

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Watch a Guy Prank People by Pretending to Throw Beer on Them

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This Classic, Immature Prank Had People on the Street Saying Rude Things

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Good Thing the Coffee Isn't Kept in the Fridge

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Hate It When Somebody Slashes Your Tires Like That

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What a Pig

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