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College Student Discovers Two Courses Using Same PowerPoint Slides, Sparks Higher Education Debate

$46,000 for this?
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Organized Woman Splits Opinion After Revealing PowerPoint Which Ranks All Her Hook-ups

For future reference
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Woman Reveals To Parents That She’s A Stripper Via PowerPoint

From drawing all over the walls to stealing from their alcohol stash, we’ve all had to have multiple difficult conversations with our parents growing up. While the threat of getting grounded may have gone away in adulthood, it hasn’t stopped the opportunity for the occasional necessary but awkward dialogue. Parts of our lifestyles may have the potential to cause familial disagreement, but as one woman has shown, sometimes it’s all about how you handle it. When @mildwestsami’s sister decided to …
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Funny meme that reads, "When you can feel yourself spiraling but don't know how to stop it" above a photo of a guy setting up a powerpoint with the word "help on his forehead"
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Funny powerpoints, why you should let me touch your butt, why you should let me touch your boobs.

Powerpoints About Touching Boobs And Butts Are Horny And Hilarious

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Valid Point...

Lisa Simpson PowerPoint meme that reads, "To be punk is non-conformist, but by dressing punk and listening to punk you're just conforming to what punks are supposed to do so you're only truly punk if you're not punk at all"
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A Harsh Truth

Caption that reads, "When I say 'I'll let you know'" above a pic of a guy next to a Powerpoint presentation slide that reads, "In conclusion, I ain't coming"
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It's True!

Lisa Simpson presentation meme where the powerpoint reads, "Snorkels could be slightly longer in my opinion"
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Funny punny tweets about excel, spreadsheets, powerpoints.
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The Biggest Pet Peeve

Caption that reads, "When the teacher leaves the cursor on the play bar so it can't disappear" above a pic of Squidward from Spongebob staring intently with text that reads, "Move the mouse"
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I Swear It's Here

Funny meme about pretending to look for a Powerpoint presentation that doesn't exist at work or school.
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Funny TWitter exchange about a man who made a powerpoint of date suggestions only to be blocked.

Man Creates Powerpoint of Date Ideas, Immediately Gets Blocked

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When Professors Keep It Real

yolo swag powerpoint Professors college - 8336217344

When Professors Keep It Real

yolo swag powerpoint Professors college - 7778739200
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Time for a Different Kind of Lecture...

class powerpoint lecture college - 7383913472
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I See You're Trying to Be Racist

best of week powerpoint - 5728126976
Created by NIck
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