Potluck Twitter Story Is A Cringey Tale Of Zero Seasoning & Extra Salmonella

The whole "white people don't season their food" thing sometimes feels offensive to those of us who lack melanin and worship the spice cabinet, but this Twitter story is proof that the stereotype exists for good reason. Twitter user @cavebeauty experienced the horror first-hand at a company potluck when her colleague brought raw chicken and a deep fryer to the event. Not only did he decline seasoning the chicken before frying it, but he was handling the chicken with his bare hands and touching stuff without washing them. Disturbing. Hopefully you'll read this nightmare long after digging into lunch. 

Funny twitter story about dude bringing raw chicken to company potluck, cringe | tweet by caveofbeauty My coworker brought raw chicken to the potluck today. And yes, yes he is. I'm literally shaking n.I need my inhaler. he's just casually walking around the room touching things after touching RAW CHICKEN. This entire place is contaminated. Oh my god Update: He just bit into one to see if it's cooked. It's still raw.
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