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Funny memes and tweets about Post Malone's "I love grapes" comment at the American Music Awards

Reaction Memes Inspired By Post Malone's 'I Love Grapes' Comment At The AMAs

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Funny dank meme entitled 'Woman Flashing Post Malone'

'Woman Flashing Post Malone' Is The Raunchy Meme We Needed

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28 Hella Funny Memes That Will Not Disappoint

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They Call Him The White Iverson

Caption that reads, "When you rub a can of Four Loko this is the genie that comes out" above a pic of Post Malone sticking his tongue out
Via chloe________xx
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33 People Who Should Fire Their Hairdressers Immediately

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This Cursed Meme Is All About The Things We 'Fear'

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He's Literally So Good

Caption that reads, "I love Post Malone" above a pic of Ron Swanson with cornrows in his hair
Via Schnelltoten

Get On That Ish

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "I been postponing malonedrey for too long" over a photoshopped pic of Post Malone's head in a laundry basket
Via self_a_meme
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Post Malone Knows How It Be

Picture of Post Malone looking sleepy with the caption, "Me getting out of bed at 8pm after my accidental six-hour nap"
Via INeverKnowWhattoPutforThisShit
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