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30+ Heartwarming Memes That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Not Different, Just Wrong

post puns literal facebook funny - 8379946496
By Unknown

Aww... Not First...

like post friends - 6722120704
By Leafnin93


post punk mohawk literalism double meaning - 6663501568
Via Reddit


mail post pun - 6661929984
By meganeguard


cancer love post relationships Spider-Man - 6490892288
By Joshiii--

We All Know That Feel...

meme Memes original post Reframe - 6416705792
By raichu88

I'm Sure it Will Appreciate Your Upvotes, Too!

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism post support - 6414237184
Via Peroxide Wild

The Coolest Post You'll Ever See

cool double meaning literalism post - 6238171904
Via Bits and Pieces

Learn a Lesson, Please, Users

funny Good Guy Greg humor post - 6155298304
See all captions By Unknown

Such Hypocrites

all the things post signs wall - 6105394432
By ArnoldSchwarzenfailer

Just Following Instructions

double meaning instructions literalism post turtle - 5963735552
By SlightlySardonic

That's a Rare Opportunity, Truly

button double meaning facebook Hall of Fame like literalism logo message post - 5680440064
Via The Daily What

Socially Awkward Penguin: Makes Good Sense

delete post socially awkward socially awkward penguin - 5641126656
See all captions By Unknown

Share This Post: Government Is The Worst

america best of week facebook government post share Text Stuffs - 5587296000
By Unknown

Share This Post: Planking

Memes Planking post share this tetris video games - 5560948224
By Unknown
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