He Loves Dogs

Funny meme about giving blind cousin a dog, it's a photo of a man with a possum.
Via animalsmeettheinternet

Get That Cat Checked Out

Meme with a picture of a possum freaking out, caption says that someone thinks their cat keeps acting agressively and that it might be on drugs.
Via some_bull_ish

A Possum Burrito

gifs possum critters - 8504861696

Oh, Wassup?

critters gifs possum - 8169457152

Snowboarding Possum

gifs possum snowboarding critters - 7139201024
Created by Iron-man01

Cute Ninja Possum

ninja gifs possum critters cute - 6968472832
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Playing Dead

critters dogs gifs lol playing dead possum - 6410341632
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