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Raccoon And Opossum Memes For Vermin Fans

In New York City, rats are the kings of the vermin world . They run rampant on the streets, in train stations, and, if you're an unlucky renter, in your apartment. I see a rat scamper across the street more often than not when I'm coming home when it's dark out. They know how much power they have, and they're not afraid to show it. In other areas of the U.S., rats are a much rarer sight. This is true even in other cities; New York is kind of the only one that has a substantial rat population. I…
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Cute and funny possum memes

Sassy & Self-Deprecating Possum Memes

Some people may not understand the phenomenon of possum memes . The large, greyish marsupials look something like big and ugly rats (sorry guys), and have an affinity for garbage . They don't move very quickly and have very poor eyesight, so graceful is the last thing we'd use to describe them. Nonetheless, the critters have become something of a meme legend, almost rivaling their arguably cuter trash cousins, raccoons . Possum (opossum if you're nasty) memes are often self-deprecating. You kno…
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A Random Bunch of Moderately Funny Memes

It doesn't matter how hard you try to fight it, the perils of compulsive procrastination are just one of the many unfortunate realities of being a 21st century human with painful first world problems. While most of us can cop to feeling miserable pretty much every single day, it's frowned upon to complain about your problems when comparatively speaking, you're pretty damn privileged. Unfortunately, we can't help you permanently crush the urge to completely ignore the responsibilities and tasks…
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Simply a Chaotic Collection of Possum Content

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40 Dumb Memes That Are Easy to Digest

Memes just for you
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20+ Screm-Worthy Possum Memes

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28 Hilariously Relatable Memes Featuring Cute & Trashy Possums

Humankind's spirit animal
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43 Sweet, Sassy & Trashy Possum Memes

Nothing but love.
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