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Funny Moments From the Pornhub Comment Section

Watching porn on the internet isn't exactly as socially acceptable as, say, watching YouTube. And you certainly can't visit porn sites as casually as you'd visit your favorite subreddit. If you browse the comment section of a controversial PewDiePie video, few will question it. But if you're like, “I went on Pornhub for the comments," sorry, but no one's going to believe you. Luckily, thanks to subreddits like r/PornhubComments , now you can enjoy Pornhub's comment section gold without feeling…
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Cringe pics that are depressing | Porn hub pickleline88 Didn't get invited my best friends party so here am | Porn hub 4 days ago pickleline88 Didn't get invited my best friends party so here am Reply 336

17 Depressing Cringe Pics For People Who Want To Feel Bad

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Funny Times People Dropped Gold in the PornHub Comments

Who knew PornHub was a comedy goldmine?
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Funny 'Pornhub Alternatives' tweets

'Pornhub Alternatives' Are Almost Better Than The Real Thing

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Funny meme that reads, "How picky are you?" above a screenshot of page selections on Pornhub
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Funny memes about Belle Delphine's GamerGirl Bathwater

Belle Delphine's GamerGirl Bathwater Inspires Memes, Hoaxes

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funny meme about youtube comments vs pornhub comments
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Well Would Ya Look At That!

Funny meme featuring Will Smith that reads, "When you are randomly browsing Pornhub and run into a comment you saw in a meme"
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Funny meme about self-checkout
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30 2019 Memes For Everyone Who Needs The Freshness

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Statistics from Pornhub, 2017 statistics, pron, rick and morty, sex, porn stars, kim kardashian. | Porn hub 2017 YEAR REVIEW 28.5 BILLION ANNUAL VISITS PORNHUB Pornhub 81MILLION DAILY AVERAGE VISITS 25 BILLION SEARCHES PERFORMED 50,000 SEARCHES PER MINUTE 800 SEARCHES PER SECOND 4,052,543 VIDEOS UPLOADED 11 HOURS PORN UPLOADED 24hH 1 24,811 DAYS 68 YEARS 595,482 HOURS DATA TRANSFERRED 3,732 PETABYTES 10,225,205 GB PER DAY 426,050 GB PER HOUR 7,101 GB PER MINUTE 118 GB PER SECOND 'S ENOUGH DATA F

Pornhub's Year In Review Reveals The World's Sauciest Statistics

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Collection of funny memes about memes, dating, animals, food, spongebob, emojis, tacos, beer, pizza, guardians of the galaxy, porn, cats, babies, snakes.

16 Funny Memes to Help Kick the Day's Ass

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The Scariest April Fools Day Prank of 2017 Goes to...

april fools day prank fake notification
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myths about adult films that are not true at all

19 People Reveal the Fantastical Fabrications of Porn That They Took as Factual

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Most Searched Porn Term

50 Beautiful Images From Each State Accompanied by the State's Most Searched Porn Term

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What You Do With It is Your Business

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