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Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From Movies And TV That Are Both Funny And Fascinating

Even when the reality is not so glamorous, the entertainment industry can seem like a magical place. Looking in from the outside, it's easy to wonder how they accomplish the feats in some of our favorite movies and TV shows, or even what those millions of dollars in production costs get used for. This is why @behind_pics is here, to give us an amusing insight into the process of creating all the pop culture that we know and love. If we can take anything from these behind the scenes photos, it's…
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Sinister-Looking ‘Croc Golem’ Has Ugly Footwear Fans Rethinking Their Life Choices

With its increase in sales, high fashion updates and multiple celebrity endorsements, the 2020s are shaping up as the era of the croc renaissance. Comfortable and now fashionable too, people are converting to the footwear in their droves. However, this newfound appreciation is not all sunshine and rainbows. This was proved by Twitter user @tresdessert , who recently stumbled upon a horrifying croc-based abomination. Dubbed an “extremely cursed croc golem”, the photo appears to show a humanoid/c…
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Twitter Meme Dunks On Aesthetic Romance Posting

Aesthetics are for losers, pass it on.
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Twitter Meme Mocks Preachy Vaccine Tweets Using Pop Culture References

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can ignore this meme.
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Funny compilation of Donald Trump's best tweets, robert pattinson, kristen stewart, haters and losers | Donald J. Trump 3 @realDonaldTrump +2 Follow Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert. RETWEETS FAVORITES 2,397 1 ,682 9:48 PM - 22 Oct 2012

Twitter Users Share Donald Trump's Best Tweets In The Wake Of His Suspension

The end of an era.
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20+ Spicy Gems From The Legendary Anthony Bourdain

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This Trending Meme Rates Both Wholesome And Sassy Moments In Pop Culture

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These Trending 'Broke Or Woke' Tweets Are True Peak Millennial Humor

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Oh God No

Caption that reads, "So my wife made this for our dog's first Halloween" above a pic of a little Yorkshire terrier with a costume on from the "I Love it" music video by Kanye West and Lil Pump
Via anlyin
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13 Times Adorably Cringey Parents Delivered The Sass

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High Schoolers Are Dressing Up As Ridiculous Celebrities For Their Senior Photos

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17 Ridiculous Ed Sheeran Memes To Get You Laughing Out Loud

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Twitter Is SHOOK Over These Eerie Similarities Between The Carters And The Incredibles

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The 'Crying Nae Nae' Meme Is For Anyone Who's Ever Ugly-Cried In The Club

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Not Everyone Is On The Same Page Here

Meme of Spongebob trying to figure out how to explain memes to a significant other
Via ear1ight

He's Feelin' 22

Indian man asks if he is turning into Taylor Swift because he notices a few resemblances
Via benvy
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