Funny memes about McDonald's Sprite

14 Crispy Memes About How McDonald's Sprite Just Hits...Differently

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40 Silly Sh*tposts For The Music Lovers

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It's A Mystery!

Soda dispenser meme where the two buttons represent "Teens need to get more sleep" and "Classes start at 7:30;" person's hand represents "Schools," and soda cup represents "Why do they hate school?"
Via hook1909

Now You Gonna Get It

Caption that reads, "You came to the wrong fridge, motherf*cker" above a pic of a spilled can of Pepsi surrounded by a bunch of cans of Coke
Via Yourmemeourmeme

The Agony

Funny meme about taylor swift and ed sheeran.
Via classicalfuck
Funny pop songs turned into Shakespearean sonnets, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Eminem, rap, pop, pop music.

All Your Favorite Pop Songs Re-Imagined As Sonnets

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Goodbye Cruel World

Funny meme about the song despacito.
Via davie_dave

So That's How They Do It!

Funny meme of a three key piano, to describe the simplicity of the Chainsmoker's music.
Via Internet Tourist Guide

If I Hear 'Shape Of You' One More Time...

Funny meme about Ed Sheeran being the only thing you hear on the radio, in the style of a Who Would Win meme.
Via FakeTakiInoue
pop soda parody ads cola Video - 77979137

The Honest Version of a Soda Commercial

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Meet Popeye

pop creepy eyes popeye - 8443023104
Created by ToolBee

Price of Soda versus Location of Purchase

airport food movies pop price soda - 1442377984
Created by Unknown

Mainstream Now Means Everyone Hates It

Music pop - 7851447296
Created by The_Meme_Maker

The Jonas Brothers

disney Music pop teen - 1381593344
Created by Unknown

Think Outside The Pop!

Balloons meta vampires pop - 8306004992
Created by vinniethevampire ( Via Vinnie The Vampire )

I Can't Has Can

rage pop soda - 8307929856
Created by death_by_rage
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