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If It's a Day That Ends in Y, It's Probably Not a Good Day to Wear That Shirt

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He Looks Oddly Familiar...

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He's the Best

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Don't We All?

barbecue cooking t shirts poorly dressed - 8241491968
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Either Way Her Dress Is Delicious

funny pringles poorly dressed - 8404361216
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Best Christmas Sweater Ever

christmas poorly dressed santa g rated - 8396764416
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The Holidays Always Go By Too Fast

christmas poorly dressed sonic g rated - 8398689536
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Oh No, It's Spreading!

fedora poorly dressed tattoos g rated - 8394769408
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The Only Way it Could Be Better is if it Actually Plays the Theme Song

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This Shirt Will Change Your Life

patriotism tank top poorly dressed g rated - 8377131008

Guess It'll Just Stay Dirty

laundry poorly dressed instructions web comics - 8375199744
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That's Not a Hat...

poorly dressed kids parenting hat g rated - 8363184640
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Everyone Else Can Go as a Very Short Person on Stilts

costume poorly dressed halloween g rated - 8360856064
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Do You Want Denim Wizard Sleeves?

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The Hell Is That Dog Wearing?

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Impeech Obamer!

poorly dressed murica obama t shirts barack obama - 8339735552