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Frustrated People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Prohibitively Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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DoorDash Driver Splits Opinion After Allegedly Revealing How Easy It Is To Steal Orders

Who knew
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Sobering Thread Reminds Us That Being Poor Is Damn Expensive

The costs mount up
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People Discuss What’s Considered ‘Trashy’ if Someone’s Poor, but ‘Classy’ if They’re Rich

We're not always aware of our own internalized double standards, but that doesn't mean they're not there. The way we perceive others is shaped by our learned prejudices whether we like it or not, and society tends to harshly judge its people based on how much money they have. In 2016, @AnaSamways asked Twitter, 'What's considered trashy if you're poor, but classy if you're rich?' The resulting thread kept going viral over the years, presumably because lots of people have something to say about t
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Funny memes about being broke, money | Spongebob Mr. Krabs flinging myself on rich person collect insurance money: | thought had $1 bank account but check and have $2.55 FB BABYYOR im rich Baby Yoda in sunglasses

15 Sadly Relatable Memes For Broke People

Sucks to be broke.
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Wait - Some Of You Are Getting Engaged?

Funny meme about broke millennials getting engaged, danny devito, can i offer you an egg trying time
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme that reads, "You've never been broke if you haven't had to do this" above a stock photo of a guy trying to buy something with his credit card and change
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One Day When I'm Rich And Famous...

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennial culture is daydreaming how much you'd help your friends if you were to ever get rich"
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Stop Putting Those Ideas Into Our Heads

Funny meme from Animal Crossing about Millennials paying off their home loans | This why hate video games appeal to millennial fantasy Yes! I finished paying off my home loan!
Funny video of a guy playing a song called "Bank Account"

Song About Checking Your Bank Account Is A Millennial Anthem

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Informative video about how and why it costs more money to be in poverty

Video Explains Why Life Is More Expensive For Those In Poverty

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Pointless Memes & Tweets That Are A Perfect Waste Of Time

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Tweets about Louisiana State University's lavish locker rooms

LSU Is Catching Flak For Their Absurdly Lavish Football Locker Room

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Funny memes about being a Millennial

18 Creepily Relatable Memes For Sad Millennials

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That's Pretty Rude

Funny meme about the coffee machine in the office calling someone "cashless failure"
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That *Is* Strange

Funny meme featuring Kim Kardashian about what the strangest thing someone ever did for money was
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