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Fart Memes For Flatulent Friends

Pull my finger
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Dude Gets Roasted For Claiming He Uses 8 Toilet Paper Rolls Per Day

Twitter Blue is out in full force, and with that comes the Twitter Blue defenders. Many people are roasting those who've subscribed to this paid verification service, and they are getting a wee bit defensive about it. If I paid $8 a month for a practically worthless service, I, too, would get a bit defensive about it. One dude went viral for the oxymoron “I'm paying for free speech.” Others exalt the new feature as a way to find community and boost your tweets. Unfortunately, having a blue chec…
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Scottish Woman Does Entertaining Takedown Of '5-Minute Crafts' Toilet Hacks

Holy moly
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Woman Has Diarrhea Emergency In Public Toilet, Girlfriend Steps In To Save Her From Embarrassment

Top tier relationship
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This Is Not A Drill: Meghan Trainor And Her Husband Use Twin Toilets

Just why?
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Amazon Package Thieves Face Revenge After Victim Starts Pooping In Parcels

Shopping online is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s nothing quite like opening your front door to a much-needed item — or even better, a random piece of crap you decided to order when you were drunk. However, not everybody gets the privilege of actually opening what they’ve ordered. When it comes to petty crime these days, there are few easier targets than peoples’ parcel deliveries. Whether you end up with a MacBook or some specialist herpes cream is anyone's guess, but that doesn’t see…
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So Sorry

Funny meme about using the bathroom and blowing it up, pooping, leonardo dicaprio poop memes | Stranger: *walks in bathroom, gags, leaves* Me in the stall
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Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.

Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

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How Precious!

Tweet that reads, "Just learnt that if your dog looks at you while pooping, it's because they trust you to be watching out for them while in a vulnerable position. Likewise, if your dog follows you into the bathroom. they're doing the same for you, and if that ain't the sweetest thing IDK what is"
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The Evil Turd

pooping - 8745823488
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Expert Level Multitasking

bathrooms peeing pooping - 8602497024
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Lessons for Life


Sound Effects

boss sick day pooping - 7080347648
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Bathroom Terrorism

bathrooms pooping - 7941105408
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Likelihood of Being Splashed

Bar Graph pool pooping splash toliet - 6304346368
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The Dog Is Getting Coal

dogs christmas funny pooping - 7939547392
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