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People Discuss Evil Companies That Need to be Talked About More

It goes without saying, there is a lot of evil in this world. For the most part, companies and businesses are rewarded for bad behavior . The end goal of any operation is to make money, so with that in mind, you can imagine that a lot of the largest, most successful businesses engage in less-than-ethical behavior often. It doesn't take a genius to realize that. The only way we're going to improve the world, even marginally, is going to be by discussing the actions of the guilty. There are a lot…
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Best Tweets Reacting to Jason Momoa Shaving off All of His Hair to Bring Awareness to Single-Use Plastic

Fans are crushed and vow to recycle—just please bring those lushes locks back!
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Darkly Amusing Microplastics Memes That Celebrate The Pollution In Our Bodies

They're a major food group
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Funny dank memes about things that are returning due to there being less pollution | Due less air pollution can now finally see Godzilla and his health bar Japan Godzilla |  Deric @DericRichardson Wow. This is Dallas, TX today where city's cowboys have returned first time since 1805 earth is healing are virus

Things Are Returning To Their Natural Habitats While We're All In Lockdown, According To This Dank Meme

Well, at least there's one tidbit of good news.
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Informative Twitter thread about climate change | tweet by Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie Next time Social Justice Warrior tells science is settled" on global warming, ask them explain science. Then watch fun

'SJW' Puts Climate-Change Denier In His Place

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Funny meme about using pasta as straws in italy for the environment.
Via @memebase

I Know You Did It!!

Caption that reads, "Which one of you MFs in here using a straw!" above a pic of a sea turtle appearing to crash through a wall
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Funny memes about throwing car batteries into the ocean.

Car Battery Sh*tposting Is Proof People Will Meme Anything

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You Did It!

web comics sad pollution You Did It!
Via toonhole

That Poor Fisherman

fishing in this economy puns pollution web comics - 8393284096
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Close Enough

clouds pollution - 7421043200

I Want to Go Home

false advertising Travel vacation pollution - 7003504640
Created by EpicDitto

I'm Getting Mixed Signals

Memes native american pollution - 6456914176
Created by chaimatio

Buyer Beware

political pictures pollution - 5934142976
See all captions Created by shoelessjosh

It's Gatorade, Really

political pictures pollution - 5933781248
See all captions Created by squadalolz

Poor Ma-Ti

captain planet heart pollution TV useless - 5782259200
Created by belagio10
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