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30+ History Memes That Educate as They Entertain

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of memes
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Cringey Harry Potter-Obsessed Millennials Who Should Read Another Book

Enough is enough
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25 Totally Non-Political Trump Mugshot Memes to Enjoy at the Family Cookout

Trump's mugshot lowkey goes hard
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People Discuss Totally Overblown Outrages Over a Celebrity

Accountability is important. Public figures are influential and their actions may be, by intent or not, replicated by fans and followers. That's a heavy burden to bear, but there's a large sect of our population that follows and emulates famous people. Like it or not, it's the unfortunate reality of fame. So when a particularly famous person makes a dubious moral decision, it might be best that their general audience doesn't follow. That's just common knowledge. Don't be subjectable to negative…
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History Memes for Online Historians

Did you pay attention in history class ? Personally, history was my favorite subject growing up. It didn't really require a ton of critical thinking, at least for me. You kind of just had to show up to class, listen to the teacher tell stories of what happened before our lifetimes, and maybe read a little bit. Doing the bare minimum of what's listed there, I performed well enough. Of course, not everyone had the same experience. History is just an interesting subject to learn about. So why don'…
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People Deliberate The Jobs That Attract The Rudest People

Before entering an industry, it's good to know whether the people in it are completely rotten . This is easy to gauge when you're only applying to jobs on a small scale. I knew I did not want to work at the Smoothie King in my hometown when I was in high school because all the kids who worked there were absolute menaces. That was easy to avoid. However, if I dedicated my schooling life to becoming a fierce mortuary professional and subsequently found out that everyone in the death industry was…
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History Memes For People Who Like to Laugh at the Past

It's true that the past however thousands of years have blessed us with technologies from the wheel to our iPhones. But there's also been a lot of bad sh*t to come out of these technologies and relative progress of humanity. Weapons, war, racism, genocide, etc etc. The people of the past, whether on the “good side” or “bad sides” of history, would probably balk at the fact that we're sitting here looking at memes about their trials and tribulations. Or at least we hope they would. That said, it…
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Collection of clever comebacks towards public figures and stupid people on the website Twitter

15+ Times Clever Comebacks Titillated Twitter

As someone who works in a web-based field, spending time online can feel very tiring. The madness of terminally online people can be stressful, and while I'm careful about my blood pressure, some cyberbullies (even on this site) have the unfortunate ability to boil my blood and get my heart pounding. It all makes me wish there was a website where I could, like, do the Internet equivalent of meditating. Some sort of transcendental url hang that makes me forget about the incels and racists of the…
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'GOP, all glammed up': Artist uses AI to turn Republican politicians into drag queens

Ron DeSantis (aka Rhonda Santy) wearing a feather boa is giving
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Gwyneth Paltrow Wins, Chris Chan Gets Bailed Out, and Harry Potter Has Balenciaga Drip

Also, did ya hear what's happening with the 45th President?
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Some of the Worst Tweets Of All Time In 1 Painful Thread

We often highlight some of the funniest jokes that Twitter has to offer for those who normally wouldn't go near the bird website with a ten-foot pole. But it would be a lie to portray Twitter as anything other than a cesspool of horrific takes and the sort of cringe that can only come from brains rotted by the internet. For those of us sickos who can't get enough of social media's cringiest moments, @benner's thread is a goldmine of the worst tweets ever twote. Before you dive into this content…
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Funny Scottish Tweets, scots, twitter memes, lol, politics, scotland, language, funny | Dayna McAlpine @daynamcalpine_ my pals think living scotland is all beautiful rolling hills and friendly patter reality 's junkie shouting 'ye goin s te hen at because carrying 16 roll pack toilet roll

Gleaming Nuggets Of Scottish Twitter Gold

Dae ye talk Scots? Well, you might want to start. We don't hear much of the language IRL, but we run into it a lot on Twitter. And our lives are better because of that. The phonetic brogue makes pretty much everything ten times funnier, and because it's literally a different language, challenges our brains more than we're used to. Which is always a blessing. We've put together some solid gems from the hilarious Scottish Twitterverse - we hope you enjoy them, too.
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meme created from President Biden's State of the Union 2023

Funniest Memes of the 2023 State of the Union

Let's be honest, we only watched the SOTU to understand the memes that were sure to come out of it...
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A Tantalizing and Tasty Tub of Memes

Have you ever really stopped to consider the sheer number of memes that are floating around in the great expanse of the world wide web? The figure is probably staggering. Just think: thousands, if not millions, of memes are being passed around the internet at any given moment, making their way to the screens of disaffected, humor-seeking internet users such as yourselves. The variety of memes that are bopping around the web is just as wide. But relatable memes and little jokes about cute animal…
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A Selection of Funny History Memes That Paraphrase the Past

Whether you love to laugh at the past or fact-check dubious history memes in your spare time, we've got a bunch of amusing content right here for history buffs and novices alike.
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Fresh and funny tweets from Twitter

Fresh Tweets We Stole From the Bird App (November 27, 2022)

If you've spent any significant amount of time on the hellscape of a website that is Twitter, then you are aware that not all tweets were created equal. Most of the riffs and rants that people see fit to scream into the Twitter abyss are either totally cringey, borderline (or straight-up) offensive, or, at its absolute worst, maybe even both. There's also the percentage of tweets being flung around that are so basic they actually make us fume. You know what we're talking about. The banal sentim…
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