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When Are They Gonna Start Touring

Tweet that reads, "I just learned that Mike Pence's middle name is Charles. So together they're DJ Trump and MC Pence. WTF?"
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political memes government shutdown

14 Spicy Government Shutdown Memes For The Frustrated American

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memes about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi

Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Are Inspiring Some Spicy Political Memes

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broke or woke memes

These Trending 'Broke Or Woke' Tweets Are True Peak Millennial Humor

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'Now, The Problem With The Asymptotic Theory Is...'

Political meme where Donald Trump, who represents 'teacher' is lecturing Nancy Pelosi, who represents 'one kid actually trying to learn;' Mike Pence is sitting in a chair sleeping, representing 'everyone else in the class'
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Those Trees Stopped Being Lazy

Pic of Paul Ryan pointing at a screen that reads, "Telephone poles are trees that got a job"
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Aww, Cheer Up Joe

Caption that reads, "Obama (sighs): Fine Joe. You can sit with the adults; Biden: No I don't want to now" above a pic of Joe Biden looking sad out of a window
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Hilarious memes of various funny pictures with words upon them

24 Hilarious Memes To Assassinate Your Boredom

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Hot Take

Bernie Sanders talking next to a sign that reads, "Pizza rolls are just Italian gushers"
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trump photoshop meme

'Trump Double Fist-Pumping' Is A Photoshop Meme Of Presidential Proportions

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Believe Me

Caption about the dentist stabbing your gums 30 times during a cleaning telling you to floss more, above a pic of Donald Trump saying, "Wrong"
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trump michael cohen memes

Amusing Michael Cohen Memes That Are Guilty As Charged

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donald trump angela merkel political memes Germany justin trudeau Japan politics trump memes jo38ma3 - 5918981

This Pic Of Trump And World Leaders At The G7 Summit Is Getting Meme'd Like Crazy

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Funny meme about donald trump meeting and shaking hands with kim jong un.

Trump And Kim Jong Un's Meeting Was Spicy Dank Meme Gold

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Something We Can All Agree On!

Meme of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying that both sides hate Caillou
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Gather Round, Gather Round!

Meme of Ted Cruz speaking into a bunch of microphones
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