17 Infuriating Anti-Vaxx Memes And Moments Of Sheer Lunacy

We sincerely hoped that we'd never have to remind you the importance of getting vaccinated, but here we are. Washington state declared a state of emergency yesterday in light of 35 recently confirmed cases of measles, a highly infectious disease that can be fatal in young children - and easily prevented with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. News reports cite anti-vaxx communities as a major catalyst in the spread of the disease. 

While most of us are high-key freaking out about the epidemic, many anti-vaxxers are remaining calm about the ordeal, claiming that refusal to get the vaccine can improve their child's immune system. We hope we don't need to explain why this logic is completely insane, but for anyone in your life who does in fact need a little refresher on the importance of vaccines, be sure to direct them toward this educational comic!

anti vaxxer jokes and memes such as an anti vax mom asking how to protect her kid from measles
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