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Pidgey Doesn't Joke

Text - Pidgey @PidgeyBirdd what bitch, whatchu gonna do paigeeeee @imme1424 if I see 1 more Pidgey or Rattata
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I Have Now Seen God

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No One Is Immune to Breadsticks

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The Good, the Bad, and the Plain Old Ugly Moments of Pokémon GO Since the Game Came Out

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What Did You Do, Steve?

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Leave Him Alone He's Gotta Pee

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When You Spend Months Filling Your Pokedex and Realise Nobody Is Playing Pokemon Go Anymore

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Um, Is Team Rocket Okay?

image pokemon go evanescence Um, Is Team Rocket Okay?
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Well Don't Just Stand There, Get Your Pokeflute!

image snorlax pokemon go Well Don't Just Stand There, Get Your Pokeflute!
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What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

Text - Mom friend () did swim in high school -takes care of Jolteon might be gay??? Evolve dang it -smol -precious Lady Gaga takes PE too the EXTREME -Lil bit irresponsible loves neon trying their best Tarot Cards Th@t's edgy not a phase Please leave has a passion for memes asexual failure at life all a's -has a tumblr maximum of 45% art hoe clothes are back as their soul Ice Ice Baby -shy one Meat Is Murder Pink Bisexual -feminist vegan is sunshine will stab a bitch very pretty spends too much
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Pokémon NO

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So Many Great Updates

web comics pokemon go update So Many Great Updates
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This Pokémon GO Streamer Was Assaulted On Live Video

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Who Would You Choose In This Situation?

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A Legit Pokémon GO Horror Story

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This Might Be the Darkest Pokemon Go Parody Yet

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