A compilation of anime memes

Anime Memes For Real Weebs

We are living in the golden age of the anime fandom. Long past are the days of weebs being bullied and degraded for their interests in anime series and movies. Now, even the most normal normie has seen at least one piece of anime IP. I went to a high school in Texas that was utterly obsessed with athletic achievement, and even there, most of the guys on the football team watched anime. If you're a weeb, you should hold your head high: Cosplay in public, brandish your favorite characters on your…
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A compilation of random memes and images

A Mighty Stampede of Memes

I was never a person of the horse girl experience. That might come as a surprise because I grew up in Texas and everybody know that kids in Texas ride horses and cattle to school. But alas, I could never muster the earnestness and sensitivity that lives inside the heart of every horse girl. Horse girls are a social category that extends through the generations. Every one of us, no matter our age, definitely went to elementary school with a girl who loved horses and could not properly socialize…
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A compilation of random memes and images.

A Chronicle Of Glorious Memes

I don't believe in the divine rights of kings, but I do believe in the divine rights of memes.
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A list of random memes and tweets.

A Solid Chunk of Funky Fresh Memes

Here we go again, back at it with another steaming hot plate of memes for your consumption. It must be so nice to have delicious memes provided to you every night without effort on your part. Some people in this world slave away, looking for memes far and wide to feel their ever-growing families. When I was a boy, I used to walk 20 miles uphill and back in the snow to get to school. What does that have to do with memes you might ask? Absolutely nothing, but I just wanted to rub it in that your…
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A compilation of funny and random memes and images.

An Index of Permissible Memes

Memes are one of those things that are easy to accept into your heart. Whether hilarious, disgusting, life-affirming, or otherwise, memes come and go so quickly, making them a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. You might see a meme one day and never see it again as long as you live. On the other hand, some memes stay with you forever and ever despite your desire to let them evaporate into the annals of your subconsciousness, never to be seen again. One of the best things about memes is that…
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Surprisingly Deep Quotes from an Unlikely Source

TikTokers Get Deep by Sharing Surprisingly Deep Quotes from Unlikely Sources like Children's Shows and Video Games

Random tweets, games, bumper stickers, anime, your toddler, etc.—sometimes you just get smacked in the face with words when you least expected it.
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Guy Who Paints Over Pokémon Collectables is Shockingly Praised by the Pokémon Community on TikTok

Guy Who Paints Over Pokémon Collectables is Shockingly Praised by the Pokémon Community on TikTok

Not every Pokémon item is worth a lot of money, so why not update it with a little unique artistic creativity? Pokémon fans on TikTok seem to be loving it!
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Entertaining Thread Imagines What Twitter Would Be Like if Pokémon Were Real

Twitter often feels like wading through a sea of garbage, but sometimes the dreaded bird app delivers comedy gold that makes it all worth it. There have been a handful of 'tweet like X is real' trends, but people tweeting like Pokémon are real might just tie with the Avengers trend for Peak Twitter Award.
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High School ‘Anime Club’ Video From 2004 Is a Time Capsule of Comedy Gold

The aughts are back, baby. Haven't you heard? Steve from Blue's Clues has returned. Britney Spears is free. The Matrix is getting resurrected. And you know what? I'm here for it. 2021 kinda sucks, so why not indulge in some early 2000s nostalgia? While remakes and reboots are fun and all, how about diving into the real time capsules and classic gems waiting to be rediscovered on YouTube? For example, this student-made video from 2004 that features Centennial High School's anime club, long befor…
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Funny memes about insomnia | If can read this then same boat optical illusion i can't sleep | haven't slept week and shadow people keep tryin HDULL

Insomnia Memes For When You Can't Go The Eff To Sleep

Sometimes Melatonin doesn't cut it
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Completely False

Funny meme about how this hand (emo drawing) says you can't heal yourself by hurting others, But that's not true with Pokemon moves
Via u/Fausto-07

Same, Snorlax, Same

Funny meme about Snorlax taking 17 years to get up, relatable, spider-man, you and i are not so different
Via u/NotWea
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45 Pretty Good Memes For Killing Precious Time

It's meme time
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Funny memes about Pokemon | 22 years since start show, Ash Ketchum has finally become Pokemon Master after winning Alola league Will @MrWilliamo 10 year old with 22 years experience. Ash is every employer is looking now. | Team rocket putting hat on aticve never met this man my life made with

Eighteen Pokemon Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Be The Very Best

I choose you!
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Funny memes about Pokemon | MOM Do mind if give pokemon toys cousin are 36 now I have go. Captain America | Teachers someone says they're being bullied Teachers someone walks wearing hood cute Pokemon Raichu

Seventeen Pokemon Memes That We Found A-Mew-Sing

Gotta catch 'em all
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Reality Bites

Funny 'Surprised Pikachu' meme about doing the bare minimum of work when your employer pays minimum wage
Via dogsarebetterhummas24
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