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39 Random Memes To Fill That Humorless Void In Your Life

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32 Random Memes To Make Your Day A Tad More Humorous

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Pls I Have 2 Know

Caption that reads, "'I'm gonna go to bed early today;' Me at 3am: ..." above a Google search for "How tall is Jesus"
Via meowmeeowmeoww

It's All Truly BS

Tweet about how fake college discussion boards are
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Printer Memes Are The Internet's Most Moronic New Obsession

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44 Random Memes To Put A Dumb Smile On Your Face

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Ok Carry On Now

Sign that reads, "ATTENTION!!!" above a pic of an Asian man, above text that reads, "Thanks for your attention"
Via JustAWeirdLoser
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30 Pointless Memes That'll Satisfy Your Bored Brain

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Does Anyone Know The Answer To This

Picture of a creepy-looking cat with the caption, "What's the most random thing you thinking of right now? Where TF do hamsters live outside of pet stores?"
Via TheGenericHeroine

Gotta Impress the Ladies

brilliant facebook fry gym pointless sarcastic - 6441383424
By PBandJellyfish

When I Tried to Stab Someone With It, It Was In Vein

Lame Pun Coon pencil pointless - 6223810304
See all captions By jakevdl

That it Is...

broken cliché double meaning literalism pencil point pointless - 5666601728
By ElizaBell3

Foul Bachelor Frog: "Pointless?" Psshh

foul bachelor frog internet minutes pointless studying - 5341057280
By Unknown


double meaning Hall of Fame iron pointless posters - 5220321024
By Unknown

The Truth Hurts?

circle double meaning Hall of Fame insult literalism pointless rimshot triangle truth - 5160720896
By Unknown

Why Do I Even Have That Stupid Window?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame lolwut pointless question upset window - 5096718080
By BAM94
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