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Girls Pockets vs. Boys Pockets: Meme Culture's Favorite Cause

New meme, same gripe.
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Funny memes about pockets

Fourteen Oddly Specific Memes About Pockets

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Why Do They Even Make These?!?

jeans pocket shopping clothes - 8446723584
Created by Smartybrat

Male Version of Taking Off Your Bra

pocket sweet jesus wallet - 8437307648
Created by Unknown

Where's My Phone?

pocket phone lost - 7762533376
Created by xSaydieBearx

They Were Just in My Pocket

Pie Chart pocket running - 6571732736
Created by Unknown

It's Gone Forever

lost phones Pie Chart pocket - 6321743616
Created by Unknown

A Phone Called Feels

dancing feels Memes phone pocket swimming - 5977263616
Created by Unknown


ipod knot Memes pocket - 5596410112
Created by Tacotacotacotaco

Damn You, Thermodynamics

chocolate money pocket Rage Comics - 5581636608
Created by Unknown

Reframe: Bug-Catching

animal crossing bugs butterfly pocket scorpion The Sims - 5185828096
Created by shadowedbeing

Don't Call Back Now; They're Leaving a Message

fu guy phone pocket Rage Comics - 5064947968
Created by Unknown


monster pizza pocket Pokémon venn diagram - 4905720320
Created by ByteAGig

Dat Ash: Is That a Monster in your Pocket?

Dat Ash girls monster pocket Pokémemes slowpoke - 4733359104
See all captions Created by leebrahlol


charge electric phone pocket Rage Comics - 4648082688
Created by Unknown

Video Game Logic

pocket Portal Rage Comics school video game video games - 4619616256
Created by Unknown
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