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28 PS5 Memes For The Impatient Gamers

Sony excited and subsequently let down gamers of the world yesterday after they unveiled the console design for Playstation 5. As with any such announcement, the aesthetics of the system are being parodied and dragged to hell by gaming meme communities such as r/gaming. The console's design is most often frequently being compared to a WiFi router - not much better than the fridge comparisons that Xbox has been receiving. 

In addition to the mockeries of the PS5's appearance, memers are despairing the fact that Playstation's overlords have yet to reveal the console's price. That's a pretty important detail when a product is being hyped even before a release date. Rumors have it that the machine will cost about $500, and that it will released around the holidays. If that's the case, at least we'll have plenty of time to save up. For now, we'll just focus on the memes.

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