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Darkly Amusing Microplastics Memes That Celebrate The Pollution In Our Bodies

They're a major food group
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Funny tweet about the inventor of plastic creating a world that is so toxic, jane lynch | giabuchi @jaboukie the inventor of plastic: I am going to create an environment that is so toxic
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Weird Kinda ASMR

Funny Twitter meme about the very distinct sound the plastic lid on a store-bought cake makes | EliteTweetThief The whole world can hear you trying to open this late at night Dak RidicuIousDak I can hear this picture
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You Better Run

Headline about a caterpillar that eats plastic, above a meme of the Kardashians running away from it | These plastic eating caterpillars can help fight plastic pollution Floating Boy Chasing Running Boy
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Funny meme about plastic straws, eric andre.
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So This is What I'm Into

wtf gifs Japan plastic faces - 8566887680
By anselmbe

Cat Trap

laser pointers gifs plastic Cats - 8381528576
By Unknown
fake plastic food dangerous - 57624833

Rip Off of the Day: Man Finds Plastic Filler in Noodles

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Aging Barbie

Barbie aging plastic funny - 7778584832

Dinosaur Toys Are Close Enough to the Real Thing

Memes plastic dinosaurs sudden clarity clarence - 7579569408
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Close Enough

wtf plastic - 3157743104
By mrdutton1980

Dat Peel

plastic - 7041872128
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On the Bright Side, They're Totally Compostable!

wtf pets plastic - 7019285504
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wtf package plastic irony - 4310854912
See all captions By tmdarby

Just Don't Make Them Like They Used To

chair FAIL gifs plastic - 6378341120
By _C_A_T_

Fake Ass Rapper, or Just Fake Ass?

fake hip hop Music nicki minaj Pie Chart plastic - 5988962560
By Unknown
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