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Funny and Relatable Memes For People Who Spend Whole Paychecks At the Plant Store

As I write these words, a tremendous amount of shame is filling my body. You see, my aloe hasn't been watered in a very long time. Furthermore, I doubt that it has received much sunlight. It's on top of my dresser, hidden from the sun's rays because my cat thinks aloe is a delicious snack. This poor crispy, crunchy, parched plant was a gift from another Memebase editor, and I'm really not doing it justice. This is why I can't have nice things - plants in particular. Never will my apartment be o…
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A Thriving Garden of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

People. They're awful. They're truly awful. But you know what isn't? Plants . Plants are known for making your house and garden look nicer. But did you know that plants can actually reduce a human's stress levels? And if you want to put a lush bunch of plants all over your office, tell your supervisor that they genuinely increase productivity and enhance one's attitude in the workplace. Even if many of you are already aware of the many scientific advantages of keeping plants, we could go on and…
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Funny Memes For Self-Described Green Thumbs & Plant Moms and Dads

There's something sexy about a person who is able to care for things. While many people would swoon over an individual responsible enough to care for a high-maintenance dog , or a slightly chiller cat, there are other beings that need tender love and affection to thrive. We're not talking about turtles, parakeets, or horses. We're talking about plants. As a city dweller, I'm not seeing many people walking their ferrets or pigs. And many of my peers aren't even permitted to have pets beyond fish…
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Plant Memes For People Who Spend Too Much Money at the Nursery

Plant people are a special breed. It's true that I admire their ability to nurture and care for a living thing that doesn't wail, meow, or bark when hungry. But I have a bit of resentment toward them, too. It often seems like their money-spending habits (when it comes to their hobby) aren't publicly chided enough. Why is it irresponsible for me to spend all my “extra” money on food and clothes, but honorable for them to spend that same dough every weekend at the plant store? I call foul. As muc…
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A Thriving Crop of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

Growing up in Brooklyn we did a lot of walking . That walking happened on tree-lined streets and along garden-filled blocks. Some homes just had planters of petunias and left it at that. Others manicured their tiny lawns, adding tiny Japanese maples within their gates, and prickling rose bushes that (if we were lucky) would bloom twice or even thrice a year. My mom would quiz us on plant names, and if we were lucky, we'd catch glimpses of exotic plants inside peoples solariums, or make a stop a…
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A Flourishing Garden of Memes For Plant People

Plant people are everywhere these days - especially the kind of people who revel in making their indoor spaces lush with green (or purple) plants both large and small. Some of my own friends have rooms so filled with vegetation that I come home with a couple sprigs of lord knows what in my hair or on my clothing. It seems like they need a bigger room to accommodate their green friends - or perhaps a whole ass greenhouse. Judging by the plant memes we've been seeing all over the internet, this c…
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A Lush Bunch of Plant Memes For Houseplant & Gardening Enthusiasts

A massive amount of guilt is settling into my body as I write these words. It's true. I haven't watered my aloe in a very, very long time. And I don't think it's been getting much sun. I can see it now: crispy, crunchy, parched and depressed . This is why I'm not allowed to have nice things. Specifically plants. My apartment will never be one of those plant-filled havens we see so often on Instagram. I'll never be able to take care of a fiddle leaf fig or take selfies with shelves of carefully…
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List Compiling Great Memes About Houseplants

Succulent Houseplant Memes For Devoted Plant Moms

Look out, dog moms! There's a new sheriff in town, and her baby is leafy and green. Houseplants have been a staple for generations, but they've had a real boom in popularity over the past few years, especially with younger generations on social media. While some people adopted a dog or picked up new artistic hobbies when the pandemic hit, the newly anointed plant moms and plant dads strapped on their gardening gloves and got to work: repotting, watering, and desperately hoping their plants did…
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Relatable Memes for Devoted Plant Parents

People. They suck. They suck a lot. You know what doesn't? Plants. They beautify your home and garden. They reduce stress levels. And if you want to fill your office with plants, tell your boss that they actually boost productivity and improve one's overall work outlook. We could go on and on about the studied benefits of keeping plants, but many of you are already aware of them. And we're not trying to proselytize to people who can't be bothered with botany. We're here to entertain the people…
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30+ Nature Memes For People Who Prefer Wildlife

Take a walk on the wild side
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Painfully Relatable Memes For Unapologetic Plant People

They don't talk back.
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32 Memes For Plant-Obsessed People

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24 Plant Memes For The Botanically Minded

Plants are pretty cool
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35 Relatable Plant Memes For Wannabe Gardeners

Plants make good coping mechanisms, I mean companions
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21 Wholesome Ecology Memes For Nature-Lovers

Memes for people who prefer plants and animals
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38 Dank Ecological Memes Because Nature Is Rad

Plants & animals are freaking siiick
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