Go Away

Caption that reads, "Me at Thanksgiving while my family is bombarding me with questions about college/my future" above a pic of Joe Keery holding a little dog and a glass of champagne while looking frazzled
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Lies Everyone Tells

Funny meme about lying when someone wants to make plans with you.
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I'm Just Feeling Under The Weather

Funny meme about cancelling last minute, photo of Thomas the Tank Engine that says "tru tru."
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Too Real

Funny meme about somebody being able to make your plans, when you're actually excited they got canceled.
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Why Am I Like This?

Funny meme about regretting making plans featuring a photo of Kermit looking nervous.
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Twitter Has Come up With the Most Elegant Ways to #CancelPlansin5Words

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SO Sorry to Hear That, Maybe Next Time

image plans bed SO Sorry to Hear That, Maybe Next Time
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Couldn't Have Planned It Better

web comics weekend plans Couldn't Have Planned It Better
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Be There in Ten

image plans bath Be There in Ten
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Good Plan!

image naps plans Good Plan!
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This is Where I'll Be, Hopefully You Guys Show Up

image rubix cube plans This is Where I'll Be, Hopefully You Guys Show Up
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Seriously, I'm Just Swamped

web comics plans naps Seriously, I'm Just Swamped
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I Hate All of My Friends

funny memes make plans but would rather die

Maybe Next Year

internet facebook plans vacation - 8205636352
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kids Challenge Accepted please plans - 8194965248
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