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Funniest Memes in Retrograde That'll Have You Laughing Through the Chaos Whether You Believe or Not

Margarita in Gatorade is no joke... But these memes are!
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Awe-Inspiring Space Memes That Celebrate The Great Unknown

To infinity and beyond
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Speedy, Egg-shaped Dwarf Planet Fascinates Twitter

Gotta go fast
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Interesting facts about astronomy

Riveting Space Facts For The Astro Nerds

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So Cool!

Caption that reads, "Crazy how nature does that" above an illustration of the solar system with a flat earth
Via TrueEasyBacon

Well, They Ain't Wrong

Tweet that reads, "Aliens probably ride past earth and lock their doors"
Via facelesshrs

Poor Pluto

Funny meme about pluto and the solar system
Via EmilioBruun

Very Important To Know

Funny chart showing where in the solar system bear attacks occur the most, earth being the number one
Via DrinkTeaOrDie


Funny tweet about pluto.
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What A Genius Idea!

Girl asks Yahoo Answers why humans haven't been able to walk on the sun yet; someone responds that they could do it at night, and the girl replies that that's a great idea
Via JackStone98999


Cross-stitch with a picture of Pluto that says, "Dear NASA, your mom thought I was big enough. Love, Pluto"
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nerdgasm inducing science puns that you'll want to fully calculate

23 Geeky Science Puns To Give You A Nerdgasm

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Funny meme about space.
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Funny, twisted and dark web comics.

21 (Mostly Twisted) Comics For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Wonder How Uranus Is Feeling

Funny meme about Mars looking angry
Via dabmoms

Like, Get It Together

Funny meme in the style of Not You/Tu No regarding the planets and earth being the only one that can support life, solar system.
Via Super Deluxe
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