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21 Trendy Travel Memes For Spring Breakers

Happy Spring Break!
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Carbon Neutral Taylor Swift Memes to Scroll While Sitting in a Private Jet

Meanwhile, I'm watching my cardboard straw dissolve in my iced coffee...
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'The gate attendant actually tried to scan it': Guy brings billboard-sized boarding pass on plane

If it scans, it flies
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Airline Workers Share Their Wildest Stories From the Skies

Way beyond the mile high club
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Plane Freakout Lady Tiffany Gomas Spotted Boarding Another Flight, Prompts More Speculation and Jokes

The weirdness continues
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Head Cracked Eggs, Billionaire Anti-Aging, and Plane Freakout Lady Speaks

Also, Selena Gomez wraps herself in a blanket.
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Plane Freakout Woman Tiffany Gomas Responds to Viral Fame, the Internet Reacts

We're still confused
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TikToker Reveals the Unspoken Scale for How Intoxicated You're Allowed to be at Life Events

How drunk can I get when I meet my significant other's parents?
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'I found excuses to upgrade four other passengers': Airline Worker Told to Upgrade Douchey Frequent Flyer Only 'If There Is Room'

Wholesome malicious compliance
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A compilation of memes about flying, airports, and airlines

Airport Memes For Those Dealing With The Misfortune of Flying Home For The Holidays

I love going to the airport. I know I'm in the minority, but there's something so relaxing about going through security, finding my gate, getting a little snack, walking around the terminal, and finally getting on an airplane. I don't have any flying anxiety because if the plane crashes, there is nothing I can do about it. Of all the ways to die, death by flying machine is definitely in my top 3. Unfortunately, most people do not enjoy flying as much as I do, and I understand why! Airports are…
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A compilation of memes about pilots, aviation, flying, planes, airlines, and flight school.

Pilot Memes For Aviation Experts

Very few of us know what it's like to control a giant metal tube flying through the sky at incredible heights and lengths. That is probably for the best, seeing how most people behave on planes. I'm no exception to this rule! After having heard it too many times, I can barely stay awake to listen to the pre-flight safety announcement. At least I'm not someone who takes my shoes off on the plane. Starting your career as a pilot isn't always glamorous. You might begin flying corpses across the co…
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Article about the twitter discourse surrounding Taylor Swift's excessive private jet usage.

Taylor Swift's High Levels Of Private Jet Emissions Sparks Controversy And Memes

Stars, they're just like us? While we're wasting away in the middle seat of seat 45P on Frontier Airlines, the more environmentally conscious (or less wealthy) celebrities live it up in first class . However, some famous people take it a step further, buying their own private jets. While that lifestyle choice might seem glamourous on the surface, the effects it has on the environment can lead to major backlash.
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Guy Visits Mom, Gets Presented With Questionable Childhood Shirt Design

Happy memories?
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Extravagant Thread Imagines A World Where Airplane Seats Were Soda Dispensers

Ice cold
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Funny video of a news report where the anchor talks about a pilot reporting a guy in a jetpack flying close to the plane

Pilot Reports 'Guy In A Jetpack' Flying Dangerously Close To The Airplane

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Life Hack

Funny headline that reads, "Guy checks a single can of beer after airline told him he couldn't board with it" Airport conveyor belt
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