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Funny dank memes about pizza rolls made in the oven vs. them made in the microwave | pizza rolls microwave pizza rolls toaster oven drakeposting | meme man stonks make pizza rolls with oven instead microwave shef

Memes For Sophisticated People Who Cook Their Pizza Rolls In The Oven

Everyone knows oven-baked is better.
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Every Time

Funny meme about pikachu and pizza rolls.
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Hot Take

Bernie Sanders talking next to a sign that reads, "Pizza rolls are just Italian gushers"
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Praise The Lord

Funny meme
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Funny random memes.

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Oh Pizza Rolls, You Will Be Missed

image pizza rolls memory Oh Pizza Rolls, You Will Be Missed
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Pfffff. "Portions." Whatever!

diet pizza rolls food - 8315889664

Dat Sauce-splosion

baking pizza rolls snacks - 7863482624
Created by death_by_rage

Pffft, Portion Plate? F**k Outta Here, Man...


Perfection is Important

gifs pizza rolls - 8216768256
Created by anselmbe

Who Eats Only SIX Pizza Rolls?

all the things lol pizza rolls - 8169766400
Created by Unknown

Pizza and Alcohol is All You Need

alcohol college wine pizza pizza rolls - 8079909632
Created by Unknown

RIP the Roof of Your Mouth

Memes pizza rolls baby insanity wolf - 8007812096
Created by Unknown

Who the Frick Did I Marry?

dafuq mother of god marriage pizza rolls - 7890372352
Created by death_by_rage
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