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Woman Gets Called Out For Complaining About Pizza Hut Employee Eating

Not cool
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twitter thread, twitter, funny tweets, funny twitter, nostalgic, olive garden, sizzler, pizza hut, fast food, restaurants, kids, food, funny, back in the day | John Crist @johnbcrist What restaurant did you think was nice as a kid but when you became an adult realized it wasn't that nice?... | O @robertcaruso • 23h Robert Caruso Replying to @johnbcrist Old-school Pizza Hut, where you sat inside Of a Hut and were served Pizza or fetched it from a hot bar, was good. It was a pure and good place.

Twitter Thread: People Recall Chain Restaurants They Thought Were Super Fancy As Kids

Ah, nostalgia
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Delivery Driver Gets Tipped With Slice Of Pizza, Starts Heated Internet Debate

To tip or not to tip, that is the question.
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Funny tweet about a guy who saw pizza hut tet his girlfriend goodnight, says they have the best customer service, she is probably cheating | albert @albert12793506 just saw this on my girlfriends phone, their customer service is like no other Pizza hut Goodnight
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The Way To A Woman's Heart

Funny meme about fake book cover, stuffed crust pizza
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Hot Tip: Get a Free Pizza If Today's Your Birthday

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Pizza Hut is Trying to Troll Kanye by Suggesting He Work for Them to Address His Debt Issues

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Is Marketing an Instrument?

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student take a photoshoot with a pizza hut box

LOL of The Day: A Canadian Student Showed Her Love of Pizza With This Hilarious Couple's Photo Shoot

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Write a Joke? My Life is a Joke

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How Much More Murican Can One Sign Get?

funny memes fast food flag murica
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I Don't Know How They Did It... But They Did It


Shots Fired

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Letter Spacing Can Make All the Difference

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Giza Hut

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Can We Stuff That Hot Dog With Cheese Too?

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