Funny roasts of Altoona Style pizza

'Altoona Style Pizza' Is the Latest Food Crime to Infuriate the Internet

The world has a lot of opinions regarding pizza. The pineapple on pizza debate has been raging for years. And we all know that Swedish banana pizza deserves a top spot in the Pizza Hall of Shame. But this weekend the internet found a new phenomenon to rage about: “Altoona Style Pizza." The revelation came courtesy of
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Funny times people ate food wrong | @CUTechBuff Love my daughter but suddenly concerned she may skin my sleep. WHO EATS BURRITO LIKE THIS Served wich Rice.and ST KID | INDIGO @rockindigo Only serial killer would carry pizzas like this piz .co piz

15+ Cringey Instances Of People Eating Food Wrong

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Funny memes about food, cursed food memes, gross food memes, lol, humor, cooking, dining out, restaurants, pizza, beans

75 of the Funniest Food Memes for People Who'd Rather Be Eating

There's one thing that unites most living creatures. It's definitely not religion, language, or genetic makeup. We're talking about food. While seeking sustenance is more of a need than a hobby, some people are able to mix the two. Humans have made it so this biological need can be made
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Delivery Driver Gets Tipped With Slice Of Pizza, Starts Heated Internet Debate

To tip or not to tip, that is the question.
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Scandalous Video Alleges That Little Caesars Uses DiGiorno Pizzas

It’s not delivery.
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Too Warm

funny memes, memes, pizza
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The FBI Would Like A Word

funny memes, memes, pizza
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Much To Think About

Funny meme about how if you put a pizza n top of a pizza, you have two pizzas. if you put a lasagna on top of a lasagna, you have one lasagna
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Just Following Doctor's Orders

funny memes, relatable memes, memes, pizza
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Funny and annoying comments from condescending food snobs, reddit, twitter, snobbery, cuisine, cooking

Condescending People Who Took Food Snobbery To The Next Level

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funny memes, memes, pizza, relatable | When you're making a frozen pizza but not all the pepperonies are spread evenly so you rearrange them just a little Chef Excellence
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Too Hot

Dank Memes, Halloween Memes, Horror Movies, Pizza | pizza slices edited into photos of women screaming in horror movies The Shining The Exorcist Scream
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Funny memes about food | Local Man Paralysed After Eating 413 Chicken Nuggets swissguy25 3h So Limit is 412 | Waitress s food me: snake eating a giant egg

Sixteen Delicious Food Memes For People Who Love To Eat

Could definitely go for some pizza right now...
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Funny video of an entitled woman yelling at a pizza delivery guy to get out of her neighborhood

Entitled Karen Harasses Neighborhood Pizza Guy For 'Trespassing'

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When the moon hits your eye...

Funny meme with the astronauts, that's amore, dean martin, always has been | wait that's Amore ? Always has been. Pizza pie moon
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Suck It

Funny meme that reads, "'Carbs are bad for you;' Me: ..." above a photo of a barbie lying on a slice of pizza
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