Can Breathe On Land *And* In Water - Incredible!

Caption that reads, "'You're sure that's the right word?' 'Like 80% sure, yeah;' 'Print it' above a headline that reads, "Amphibious pitcher makes debut"
Via dolphish

Water Pitcher

rage trollface Challenge Accepted water pitcher - 6530444288
Created by dyeagain15

Pitcher Rage

rage Challenge Accepted pitcher - 8042093312
Created by Derp1231234

Stupid Pitchers

spill pitcher - 6585225728
Created by Unknown

I'm a Soul Man

pitcher girl - 6859712768
Created by Unknown

What's the Point of the Filter Anyway?

pitcher Rage Comics - 5710170368
Created by Unknown

'25 Cents for Lemonade?!'

Bombosaurus kitchen peace pitcher - 4886125312
Created by mshah

Bravo, Madame

beer drunk J├Ągerbombed pitcher - 4683646720
Created by Shangela