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Funny meme that reads, "Student: are well and actually both one-syllable words" above meme of animated pirate saying, "Well yes, but actually no"
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Funny meme about how a 'firefly' is the opposite of a 'waterfall'
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No, They Don't

Caption that reads, "I'm not sure Disney fully understands what a pirate is" above a pic of Disney pirate cartoon characters holding up a sign that reads, "A good pirate never takes another person's property!"
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Funny meme about pirates.
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Funny video of pirates singing about lord of the rings, taking the hobbits to isengard.

This Motley Crew Of Pirates Singing About Hobbits Is As Glorious As You'd Imagine

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funny web comic about looking for treasure.
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Funny meme about pirates.
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Worst Pirates Ever

Funny meme about how Disney doesn't know what pirates are because this image shows 3 young pirates and is captioned that real pirates don't steal stuff - that's what pirates REALLY do.
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Clearly Lost His Hand for Saying 'Octopi' Back in the Day

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Are Those Waterproof?

web comics puns pirates Are Those Waterproof?
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Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee, Being a Pirate Is All Right with Me

that looks naughty pirates if you know what i mean - 8754856704
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No Time for Puns, There's Work to Be Done

web comics puns pirates No Time for Puns, There's Work to Be Done
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Precisely Why I Don't Try to Pirate Air Bud

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I'm a Pirate!

pirates vending machine - 8552330496
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Peg Leg Redemption

pirates rockstar red dead redemption - 6981165056
By Unknown

X Marks The Spot

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