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MLB Memes For Baseball Fans Who Still Consider It America's Pastime

There's something kind of sad about how baseball has fallen out of favor as the epitome of American sports over the past 50 years. Don't get me wrong, I love watching basketball and football, and I don't think those sports have replaced baseball by any means. I think that baseball has some underrated qualities that people don't appreciate enough. First of all, there are a million games every week. If you miss a game, don't worry, there's a 99% chance there will be a game tomorrow. Baseball is t…
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20 Sword Memes For Skilled Swordsmen & Knights in Shining Armor Who Live By The Sword

I was obsessed with those foam sword toys when I was a kid. Any sword toy was enough to get me excited. I don't think I owned a lightsaber or a medieval knight foam sword, but boy howdy, was I fixated on them at the toy store and my friend's houses. The best thing about sword toys was that they gave you a socially acceptable tool to fight your friends. It's generally frowned upon to get into a fistfight with your friends, even if it is just for play. Swords give you the opportunity to swing a g…
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'Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Hole': Fans debunk the Davy Jones curse, proving that the tentacle-faced captain could have broken the curse with just a bucket of water

'Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Hole': Fans debunk the Davy Jones curse, proving that the tentacle-faced captain could have broken the spell with just a bucket of water

So you're telling me that Davy Jones could have been cruising on land this whole time?
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The Silliest Swashbuckling Pirate Memes for 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day

A treasure chest of memes!
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TikTokers Attempt to Run Just Like Iconic Pirates of the Caribbean Character, Jack Sparrow

This is why the rum is always gone…
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Funny meme that reads, "Student: are well and actually both one-syllable words" above meme of animated pirate saying, "Well yes, but actually no"
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Funny meme about how a 'firefly' is the opposite of a 'waterfall'
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No, They Don't

Caption that reads, "I'm not sure Disney fully understands what a pirate is" above a pic of Disney pirate cartoon characters holding up a sign that reads, "A good pirate never takes another person's property!"
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Funny meme about pirates.
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Funny video of pirates singing about lord of the rings, taking the hobbits to isengard.

This Motley Crew Of Pirates Singing About Hobbits Is As Glorious As You'd Imagine

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funny web comic about looking for treasure.
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Funny meme about pirates.
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Worst Pirates Ever

Funny meme about how Disney doesn't know what pirates are because this image shows 3 young pirates and is captioned that real pirates don't steal stuff - that's what pirates REALLY do.
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Clearly Lost His Hand for Saying 'Octopi' Back in the Day

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Are Those Waterproof?

web comics puns pirates Are Those Waterproof?
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Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee, Being a Pirate Is All Right with Me

that looks naughty pirates if you know what i mean - 8754856704
Created by tamaleknight
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