You Mad, Pikachu?

Funny meme about Pikachu and Raichu of Pokemon fame, Pikachu is mad at Raichu and the text reads that it looks like Pikachu is saying "aint nobody ask u for your bitch ass opinion, Raichu."
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Life Saver~

pikachu in emergency defibrillator box
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"It Hurt Itself in Confusion!"

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Ever Just Feel Like Pikachu Is Your Spirit Animal?

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pikacuh small adaptable rodent like pokemon notable for their electrical abilities pikachu are covered in bright yellow fur with brown accents on the tips of their antennae their tail is used for balance when standing upright and can signal the creature's mood they are omnivorous but with small mouths blunted teeth and clumsy paws pikachu can only eat meat opportunistically

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