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34 Bird Memes For The Silly Goose In You

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37 Funny Bird-Themed Memes Because Why Not

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Get Outta Here

Tweet that reads, "My favorite animals at the zoo are just the random birds walking around like they belong. Go home pigeon, this is fancy bird town"
Via sgmacman


Sign that reads, "Birds aren't real - Wake up, California, birds = government surveillance drone"
Via SupaJon

Somehow Even More Like Flying Rats

pigeon with eyes on front of its head
Via outroversion

Things Most Cruel and Unimaginable

sign IRL pigeons - 6652556800
Created by Unknown

When Who Let The Birds Comes On

dancing birds gifs pigeons - 8475367936
Created by Unknown

Way Cooler Than Feeding Pigeons

lizards wtf pigeons funny - 8441393664
Created by Unknown

So That's It? No One Wants My Autograph?


Big Brother's Newest Creations

yikes mindwarp gifs camera pigeons - 8430932480
Via Sheep Films
pigeons Video - 67403777

How to Shoo Pigeons Away

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trolltube pigeons Video - 66098433

That is One Confused Pigeon...

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The Year of No More Guilty Pleasures

pleasure birds pigeons guilty web comics - 8286715136
Via Machinery

Can You Stop Staring, You're Being a Bird-en on Me

computers birds gifs pigeons - 8267469824
Created by Unknown

Hoo Follows Hoo

birds gifs critters walking pigeons - 8146393600
Created by ToolBee

In The Days Before The Internet

history the internets pigeons web comics - 8134275328
Via Google
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