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30 Unusual Views of Iconic Landmarks and Artifacts That Give a Different Perspective

The other way around
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'This guy is clearly a time traveler': A surprising collection of photos that prove time isn't real

Time, as they say, is a flat circle
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41 Bamboozling Images That Need a Little More Context

The longer you look at it... the stranger it gets
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45 Memes That Don't Beat Around the Bush

Telling it like it is
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Wikipedia Commons Had a ‘Breaking the Rules’ Challenge and the Submissions Are Delightful

@depthsofwiki "Wikimedia Commons had a photo challenge with a theme of ‘Breaking the rules’ and people interpreted it in a bazillion ways. Here are some of my favorite submissions"
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20+ Chaotic Club Photos That Capture the Highs and Lows of Going Out

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People Explain the Household Items That Are the Male Version of a 'Live, Laugh, Love' Sign

Examples of guys being dudes
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Internet Conoisseurs Share Normal Photographs That Bear an Uncanny Resemblance to Memes

Double take
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Captivating Thread Explores All The Crappiest Examples Of Staged Family Photos In Movies

Wow, so believable
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15+ Different Images That Are The Definition Of Awesome

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Mom Does Humorous Readings Of Daughter’s Semi-Literate Stories

Spelling is overrated
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A Curious Collection Of 15+ Random Images

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Funny pictures of objects that look like faces | cardboard boxes in a green trash can that look like donald trump's head | steering wheel in a car that looks like a face and a rope tied to a hook that looks like it's flipping the bird

Twenty-Four Mundane Objects That Look Creepily Like Faces

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Funny memes about photography, photographers | one taught love professional camera one taught patience Lightroom program logo one taught pain error Card1 cannot be accessed. Reinsert change card1 or format card1 with camera | Does hurt? Yes lot Will tag photographer or do slap again? photographerhumor

Fifteen Photography Memes You Can Easily Focus On

Get it? Focus?
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High Thoughts

Funny meme that reads, "The youngest picture of you is the oldest picture of you" above pics of a guy looking shocked
Via LeoSenior
Fascinating pictures taken throughout history

Fascinating Photographic Moments From History (30 Pics)

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