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30 Texas Memes For Lone Star State Residents And Bluebonnet Protectors Putting Up With 100 Degree Heat

The stars at night a big and bright CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP
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Entitled Karen Stands In McDonald’s Drive Thru To Save Space For Her Husband’s Pickup Truck

Just why
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A compilation of funny memes about cars and car fans

Car Memes For Motorheads

Being obsessed with your car is a hobby I can respect. It's objectively way cooler than collecting meaningless objects or mindlessly watching something. I may not own a car because I'm literally addicted to taking the train and the bus, but in my heart of hearts, I can't truly be a hater of dudes who just love their cars. I feel like there are two kinds of transportation hobbyist guys who are constantly at odds with each other online: the car guys and the urbanist public transit guys. Urbanists…
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A compilation of car themed memes

Car Memes For Car Dudes

Throughout my college experience, I had one car-obsessed friend who was the light of my life. His name is Yuvraj, and there is nothing he loves more than his vehicles. He took people to go racing with him, always drove people in our friend group to events, and made his hobby fun for others. It's rare for a grad student to tell you about his niche hobby and not be extremely annoyed by it. Yuvraj was the rare exception to this rule. In the three years I've known him, his love of cars never ceased…
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