Professional Pianist Friends Go Viral on TikTok for Drunkenly Trying to Play Duets Together with Hilariously Disastrous Results

Professional Pianist Friends Go Viral on TikTok for Drunkenly Trying to Play Duets Together with Hilariously Disastrous Results

They may be professionals, but even professionals have a little trouble hitting the right keys after a few drinks in them.
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Cool video shows a man making a movable piano that is also a grill, grilled meat, china, chinese

Feast Your Eyes On the World's First Piano-Grillmobile

You read that right.
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The only way the people will know.

Funny meme about how writers either make a smart person play chess or play piano
Via u/Strangermans
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Broken Air Conditioner Gets Funky As Hell

I can dig it
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Funny memes about band, music | music sheet stuck under person's hat forgets stand | Yeah practice. practice: P- No R Don't C

Fifteen Band Memes For The Musicians Who Should Be Practicing

Memes for orch dorks and band geeks!
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Interesting Twitter thread about Beethoven's life | tweet by doodlyroses Another thing people overlook they get hung up on deaf-guy-writing-music thing; they see music through an abled lens which deafness is something Beethoven overcame, not something which deafness actually led unique creative decisions!

Fascinating Twitter Thread Sheds Light On Beethoven's Complicated Life

This Twitter thread is long, but completely worth the read!
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Funny video of a guy teaching you how to fake being good at the piano

Dude Teaches You How To Fake Playing The Piano In This Hilarious Video

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Funny video of John Cena playing piano (pixies, where is my mind) to celebrate Youtube milestone of the bella twins.

John Cena Somberly Playing Piano Is An Unexpected Delight

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This Better Not Be Fake News

Funny image and news headline where bear breaks into a home and starts playing a piano.
Via Godeps

Because Musicians Live in Cardboard Boxes, Amirite?

funny memes play will wearing a cardboard box
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piano - 6525662976
By alatoxic

A Reminder That Humanity Hasn't Been Beaten Yet

Via Zen Pencils
Music piano donkey kong cover video games Video win - 72927745

No Big Deal, This Guy is Just Playing Donkey Kong Country 2's Snakey Chantey, For the First Time by Sight-Reading

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piano legend of zelda zelda Video - 71769601

This Piano Medley of Zelda Songs Might Just Be the Best Version of Them Out There

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piano luigis mansion luigi Video - 70380033

Amazing Luigi's Mansion Piano Medley

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Tough Crowd

piano wtf - 7950279936
By beernbiccies
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