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Gym Teacher Memes Roast The Hypocritical Nature Of PE Instructors

Gym class was a scarring experience even for many of us who are out of school. Being chosen last, inching up the ropes, and trying to fill out uniforms were all terrible experiences. But the worst injustice of the oft-humiliating requirement was the sheer hypocrisy of the class' instructors. Many PE teachers were large and seemingly out-of-shape. While our metabolisms don't do us many favors as time passes, there's always been something incredibly frustrating about receiving gym class abuse from someone who doesn't seem to follow their own advice. Redditors in the r/dankmemescommunity have banded together to shed light on this cruel reality via dank memes. Will the memes mellow the teachers out or inspire them to get fit? Probably not. But we can dream. 

Funny meme about gym teachers being fat, out of shape gym teachers.
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