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'The high five was invented in 1977': Etymologists reveal the origins of well-known words and phrases

Some wild backstories
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People Share Funny Phrases & Outdated Sayings That Were Popular When They Were Kids

Wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp? If you're hella bored or whatever, you should take a trip down memory lane and read these outdated sayings and funny phrases people used to say back in the day. If you're unimpressed, then you can either take a chill pill or talk to the hand ‘cause the face ain’t listening. SIKE! We're just playin' fosho. But we're like, totally sure you're gonna think this list is the bomb. Cool beans.
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Financial Advisor Reveals All The Phrases In Job Listings That Show A Workplace Is Toxic

There are some classics here
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Revelatory Thread Inspires Lightbulb Moments About Where Words And Phrases Actually Come From

If there’s one thing we can all agree on from years of speaking, reading and writing, it’s that the English language seems to operate in the most mysterious of ways. Between all the archaic grammatical rules and words that are a mishmash of several other different tongues, it’s a wonder non-native speakers manage to understand what we’re saying half of the time. As well as this, it means that we often don’t fully understand where the phrases we use originally come from. It is a topic which has …
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