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Strange And Interesting International Borders That Bring A Literal Side To Geography

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Viral TikTok of a chicken photoshoot

TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photoshoot of a Chicken

Who is she?
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Strange and surreal images that make you go hmm

Surreal & Strange Images That Might Inspire a 'Hmmm'

Think you've seen it all? That's a common feeling for people who are extremely online. Relatable memes , “aesthetic” photos, and food porn can only keep us interested for so long. Instead of scrolling through the same old, why not try something different? These photos may be strange, but they're anything but boring. From animals acting like humans, to cursed and cringeworthy scenarios, here are some pics that may leave you scratching your head.
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15+ Different Images That Are The Definition Of Awesome

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Ariana Grande Reveals New Look, Prompts Speculation About “Asian Fishing”

New era, new ethnicity-related controversy
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TikToker Causes Controversy By Selling Photos Of Newborn Baby To Fans

Is this going towards the college fund?
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Entertaining And Suggestive Blunders That Definitely Weren’t A Coincidence

There are plenty of situations in life which qualify a double take . The world is full of funny accidents, sly jokes and people just plain goofing off , but you have to look closely if you want to catch it all. With a keen eye and a dark sense of humor, you come to realize that there are plenty of questionable happenings out there. This is the premise of r/theyknew , a collection of all the so-called hilarious ‘coincidences’ that can be found out in the wild. Perhaps we all just have dirty mind…
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Alarming Images That Are The Very Definition Of Chaotic

Ever feel like life gets a little bland sometimes? We are creatures of routine, and many of us are constantly doing and seeing the same things day in, day out. It’s important to sometimes take yourself out of your comfort zone, and thankfully we have the internet at our disposal to help us do just that. These pictures may be unsettling and maybe even something you could do without seeing, but by god, they do that job admirably.
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30 Mildly Interesting Photos Taken At Exactly The Right Time

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Cursed images, unsettling photos, cringey pics, animals, weird animal photos, beans, nutella.

23 Cursed Images That Are Anything But Normal

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Funny hipster photos with added sarcasm, love, emo.

24 Lame Hipster Quotes Made Better With Sarcastic Savagery

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So Relatable

Drakepost where the top panel represents folders with rational names like "Wedding photos" and "Summer 2019 videos" above pic of some folders with weird names like, "aaahhhwww"
Via Alphactory
Cute photos of patrick stweart and ian mckellen.

27 Wholesome Pics Celebrating The Friendship of Sir Patrick And Sir Ian

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Funny grandma photoshoot, yarn.

This 'Grandma: Gone Wild' Photoshoot Is Hilarious Wholesome Goodness

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It Be Like That

Text that reads, "Do you ever look back on old photos when you thought you were fat but you really weren't and now you actually are fat and wishing you were fat like back then"
Via peddlerofmemes

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Funny meme about taking photos with your family and your boyfriend.
Via bestmemesperiod
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