Ryu Is a Jerk

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By Unknown

Just... Five... More... Minutes!

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If You Let Your Friends Get Their Hands on Your Phone, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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The One Fatal Flaw That Smart Phones Possess

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Via Lolnein

An Actual Phone Conversation I Had Recently

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Via The Odd 1s Out

Just Like Mass Effect

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Via Minimumble

This Battery Has to Get Outta Here

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By Unknown
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Hate It When People Talk Loudly on Their Cell Phones in Public? Do This.

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Robot-Arm Juggles Phone

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By ToolBee

Bye! See You Guys in Three Days!

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Via Bobs Made It

Mom Had a Lot of Fun in the 60s

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Forever Alone Success Kid

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By Unknown

Torture Incoming

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By Unknown

I Prefer Keeping My Eyesight, Thanks

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By Unknown

No Signal

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By _Elizabeth_ (Via Loading Artist)

Dead Phone

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