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Innovative South Korean Street Lights Divide Opinion Over Their Purpose

Screen addiction at a whole new level.
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Funny meme about going to the toilet without your phone.
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Funny meme about playing with toilet paper when you forget your phone.
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Collection of funny and random memes about food, disney, dating, toy story, work, school, coffee, dogs, money, cats, simpsons, drinking, phones, relationships.

36 Amusing Memes That Will Help You Procrastinate

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Collection of funny memes about the weekend, dating, relationships, sex, productivity, school, money, sleep, phones, iphones, work, being silly, love.

13 Random Late Night Memes

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twitter phones FAIL trolling technology - 1286149

Troll Renames Flight Wi-Fi 'Galaxy Note 7' and Angry Passengers Live-Tweet the Terrible Experience

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Crappy Choices

phones choices politics web comics - 8976977408
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You Guys Ruin Everything

generations phones complaining You Guys Ruin Everything
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gps phones vine Video - 219399

When You Use GPS to Get Everywhere

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To Flip or Not to Flip

phones schrodinger - 8762843392
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Nostalgic Rage

phones nostalgia - 8498500096
Created by Derp-a-derp
phones hotline bling Video - 75641345

Hotline Bling on Actual Phones is My Jam of the Day

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yikes phones wtf mindwarp gifs - 8567497728
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Who's Texting Me at This Hour?

funny memes nighttime phone brightness
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boring Good Times hilarious kids phones - 6367209984
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The Art World Will Be on Fire

phones art gifs flash - 8557114112
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