phone call

Thank God That's Over With

Funny meme about introverts hating phone calls featuring Frodo Baggins throwing the ring into the fire | introverts after making it an entire phone call It's done
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Quit Calling Me

Funny meme with Kardashian about responding to someone's call via text
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It's Always Painful

Caption that reads, "When you're texting with somebody and they decide to call you" above a pic of Hide-the-Pain Harold awkwardly talking on the phone
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They Really Care!

Caption that reads, "The only person that calls every day to check up on me" above a pic of a scam call on someone's smart phone
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Literally Me

Caption that reads, "When I talk on the phone at my house" above pics of a guy talking on his cell phone in weird positions
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Definitely Gonna Start Doing This

Tumblr meme of funny ways to answer the phone
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Every Time!

dads twitter phone call dad jokes Memes funny tweets white people white people twitter funny - 9155324416
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Leave A Message At The Beep

kermit the frog phone call relatable funny - 9153037824
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This Call May Be Monitored for Nefarious Purposes

Actual Advice Mallard phone call scam - 8606221312
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rage phone call shower - 8368154624
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Today I Die

phone call - 8312807680
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Did That Really Just Happen?

phone call what - 8303049216
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The Check's in the Mail. No, Really, It Is...

phone call electricity i lied everything went better than expected - 8276638976
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Glad No One Witnessed That...

socially awkward penguin poker face trollface phone call - 8224416256
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Multitasking Can Be Difficult Sometimes

phone call - 7505559040
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Queue. Q-U-E-U-E.

Pronunciation phone call - 7562355200
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