Matt DAAAMOON petition that reads, "Send Matt Damon to Mars to retrieve Opportunity"
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Unpopular Opinion

Object-label meme where water coming out of a sink represents "the world's problem" and someone trying to cut the water stream with scissors represents "online petitions"
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funny memes buzzfeed roast robbie rotten fake news petition rip fake headlines Reddit - 6618885

Pissed Off Memers Are Calling For Buzzfeed To Be Banished From The Internet

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Change We Can Believe In

Funny meme about changing stop signs to say gon't.
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Funny memes about a petition on to change the word no to yesn't, reddit, r/yesnt.

Viral Campaign Is Trying To Change The Word 'No' To 'Yesn't'

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Sign This Petition to Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Planet Earth

planet earth animal planet petition snoop dogg - 8746158080

Signal Boost! Sign This Petition!

petition - 7062117632
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It's Time to Fix the Real Cause of Gun Violence

guns government pink White house petition manly - 7017193984
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Not Green for our Earth, But our Universe

green moon universe petition earth - 6978657536
Created by TenPoundsOfBacon ( Via )

We All Seriously Need to Chill Out

period petition politics emoticon - 6894777088
Created by Unknown

I Still Can't See It

cinnamon toast crunch internet petition - 6871914240
Created by Robert ( Via )

Problem, Sore Losers?

petition politics - 6764392448
Created by Tom60062 ( Via Whitehouse Petitions )
petition signature Video yo dawg - 39116545

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Don't Like Petitions

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Take a Stand

ctrl w Omegle petition spymode - 5678537984
Created by gonzo187

The Inflation Is Making My Head Spin!

meat spin petition shock sites - 4822522624
Created by death_glare